Ski thumb prevention

Various devices have been designed in order to reduce the chanceĀ of getting a "skier's thumb" in ski accidents. Adjustments to the ski pole and pole clipping (like pole clipping directly into the glove) or strapless poles were developed.

The theory that losing the pole before the skier will hit the ground (without the pole in the hand), and therefore the mechanism of the pole forcing the thumb outwards is excluded will reduce theoretically the risk on UCL injuries.

Nevertheless the skier will hit the surface with high velocity (high energy trauma).

If the hand is stretched out (natural reflex) the skier still has a significant change that the thumb will be forced outwards due to hitting the ground, resulting in a fracture or UCL injury.

This might be an explanation that several studies showed no significant decrease in incidence of thumb injuries yet (even since the introduction of the ski pole adjustments).

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