Background of the invention

Protector gateHand injuries in general tend to be disregarded by both patients and doctors until it happens to oneself. Never was this more the case than in thumb injuries, as the importance of the thumb is usually underappreciated until it is injured.

The thumb allows the movement of opposition against the index finger and this gives the ability to grab with the hand. Losing this function means losing basic skills that are taken for granted  like holding a  pen, a knife/fork or spoon, undoing buttons on a shirt​ and using Messenger functions on your smartphone.

protectorThe skier's thumb is an injury affecting the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) at the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb.

The mechanism is due to forces after a skier fall with or without pole in their hand on the slope. The handle of the pole or contact with the slope will act as a fulcrum applying forces across the joint and thereby putting the ligament under strain.

botConsequently it may tear completely (grade 3), or partly (grade 2,1) or may cause a fracture of the ulnar base of the proximal phalanx of the thumb.

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Our mission is to protect the thumb by combining medical science, knowledge on thumb injuries and technical skills.

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